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the process of mirror making

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Silvering | glass process | Britannica.com

Silvering, process of making mirrors by coating glass with silver, discovered by the German chemist Justus von Liebig in 1835. In the process silver–ammonia compounds are reduced chemically to metallic silver, which is deposited on a suitably shaped glass surface. Modern processes may utilize

Joy of Mirror Making: Rough Grinding - bbastrodesigns.com

Here is a 25 inch [635cm] mirror being rough ground followed by a beautiful grinding stand from the Delmarva Mirror Making Seminar. Grinding Tools. To construct a grinding tool, attach unglazed ceramic tiles, 1 inch [2.5cm] square, to one of these substrates: ... My process is: Make cardboard dam around mirror's edge; Place protective layer of ...

tut44 Making A Mirror Grinding Tool - asterism.org

Making A Mirror Grinding Tool By Allen Malsburry The average person would never think, "I can make my own telescope." Most amateur astronomers believe, "I can buy a better telescope than I can build." Neither is actually correct. For many decades now, amateur …

Make Glass Mirrors With Silver Nitrate, Sugar, Ammonia and ...

Make Glass Mirrors With Silver Nitrate, Sugar, Ammonia and Sodium Hydroxide: How to make a mirror silvering solution from silver nitrate, ammonia and sugar. Glass surfaces can be given coatings of silver that make them into mirrors. WARNING: Perform the whole experiment in less than two hours. This is because the solutio...

Making Mirrors for the Sun | UANews

Jul 05, 2012· The Department of Energy recently granted $1.5 million to Angel's research group to extend the mirror-making process to the so-called thermal method for making solar electricity. The mirror-making process will be optimized for cost-efficient mass production. The group has already patented its method for making dish-shaped glass mirrors.

DIY Wood Framed Mirror - The Wood Grain Cottage

I think this may be the project that finally pushes me to take action and make changes as I'm inspired. This DIY wood framed mirror was so easy to put together… Please note: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, which allows us to make a small commission from your purchase, but your purchase price stays the same.

How mirror is made - material, manufacture, making ...

This process gives the mirror the ability to focus as well as reflect light. The kind of coating to be used is specified by the mirror design. Durability and reflectivity are the most important characteristics in the choice of the coating. An important part of the manufacturing process is the quality control of mirrors.

Stannous Chloride: Silvering Mirrors

During the silvering process of mirror-making, plain glass is treated with stannous chloride before a shiny layer of aluminum or silver is produced. Naming Ions A positively charged ion- one that has LOST electrons-is called a CATION .

Process of Making Pupusas – Mountain View Mirror

Nov 25, 2013· One of the greatest traditional foods in El Salvador would be pupusas. Pupusas are very delicious especially if they are big and with a lot of meat and cheese inside. It's really simple making them. The 1st step is easy. Make the masa (flour) and mix it …

Modern Glass Making Techniques - breakglass.org

Modern Glass Making Techniques. The very first glass making occurred naturally in the form of obsidian formed during volcanic eruption. Man made glass has been around since at least 5,000 BC when it was discovered by accident when the heat from fires melted the basic ingredients of glass together.

Mirror Physics | HowStuffWorks

The type of image produced by a flat mirror is called a virtual image. Even though light is bouncing off the mirror, our eyes are fooled into thinking it's coming out of the mirror in a straight line. The virtual image can't be focused, but some mirrors, like concave mirrors, can produce a real image, which can be projected onto a surface.

Making silver mirrors using chemistry | Compound Interest

Making silver mirrors using chemistry. Click to enlarge. ... Justus von Liebig is credited with creating the process to make silver mirrors using the reduction of silver nitrate in 1835, and though different processes are used in the present day, it's an interesting historical application of the same chemistry.

Silvering - Wikipedia

Silvering is the chemical process of coating glass with a reflective substance. When glass mirrors first gained widespread usage in Europe during the 16th century, most were silvered with an amalgam of tin and mercury, but by the 19th century, mirrors were commonly made through a process by which silver was coated onto a

Making a Mirror With Gallium - YouTube

Dec 03, 2015· I make a large (semi) usable mirror using elemental gallium. Here is the video recovering the gallium: https://

30 Amazing DIY Decorative Mirrors - Pretty Handy

Sep 15, 2013· Here are 30 amazing DIY decorative mirrors to suit any taste or style (not to mention budget.) A mirror is a great asset when decorating a home. They're functional and placed strategically they can visually enlarge a space. Decorative mirrors do double duty as beautiful pieces of art. Starburst/Sunburst Mirrors

How to Turn Ordinary Glass into an Antique Mirror

Jan 05, 2017· It won't be a perfect mirror (you probably wouldn't want to do this for a bathroom mirror or anything), but it's surprisingly really good for spray paint. It actually looks like an antique mirror, which is even better!. I placed my glass back in the frame and took a picture to show you the mirror effect.

How to Make a Mirror (with Pictures) - wikiHow

Mar 29, 2019· Allow the first coat to dry for about a minute, then repeat the process until you have about 5 coats of paint in total. Let the glass finish drying for 10 minutes, then place it back into the picture frame and secure the cardboard backing. To learn how to make a mirror that looks like it has a spooky face trapped inside, read on!

Chemistry of Mirroring - angelgilding.com

Sometimes you can repeat the process and make a second mirror on top of the first to make it thicker. There is a limit, however, and 2-3 passes is usually about it. In terms of numbers, each layer is about 50 nm thick. That's nanometers - a millionth of a millimeter.

How to Make Chocolate - Chocolate Making Process ...

The process of making chocolate starts with the cocoa beans being passed through a machine that removes dried cocoa pulp, pieces of pod and other extraneous material. The beans are carefully weighed and blended according to specifications. Finally, the last vestiges of wood, jute fibres, sand, and even the finest dust are extracted by powerful ...

Stellafane ATM: Mirror Making Overview

This page will give a brief overview of the mirror making process. The goal is not to provide detailed instructions (which are provided elsewhere on this site), but rather to give you a high level view to get you oriented and comfortable with the whole process.

Mike's Telescope Workshop - mdpub.com

I have successfully slumped a 16 inch mirror blank to f/3.75. This video shows a lot of the steps in the process. It compresses weeks of effort into less than 15 minutes of video. This is by far the best looking mirror blank I have ever slumped. Using a smoother mold and a lower processing temperature resulted in a near perfect slump.

Mirror making – How are Mirrors Manufactured – All About Glass

May 26, 2015· In this case, the mirror's tolerances are going to directly affect the process of making the mirror and also the cost. The Future Technology has advanced a lot in the last few years and what this means is that glassmaking techniques have greatly improved.

How to Create a DIY Mirror Etching - The Spruce - Make ...

Become comfortable with the process before etching an expensive mirror. Clean and dry the glass surface with a soft, lint-free cloth. Trace the design onto a shelf-liner and then cut it out using a sharp utility knife. Place the paper onto the mirror making sure it …

How to Make Mirrors by Silvering Glass: 8 Steps (with ...

Mar 05, 2009· How to Make Mirrors by Silvering Glass. Modern mirrors are made by depositing aluminum. But back in the Victorian era aluminum wasn't available and so they made their mirrors using silver metal. Using silver …


The mirrors start out from Schott Supremax 33 borosilicate (precision annealed) blanks. They are places in Strasbaugh grinding/polishing machines. Each machine pictured can hold up to a 28" mirror and another machine that I have (not pictured can hold up to a 32" mirror…

Beautiful mirrors make a space stand out. We've been ...

Beautiful mirrors make a space stand out. We've been making custom mirrors for years and though the process isn't pretty, the end result sure is for a farmhouse Bathroom to French shabby chic decor. Aug 28, 2019- Beautiful mirrors make a space stand out. We've been making custom mirrors for years and though the process isn't pretty, the ...

How to Paint a Mirror Frame the Easy Way by Just the Woods

How to Paint a Mirror Frame the Easy Way. Painting a mirror frame works best when you can remove the mirror (or glass) from the frame. But that doesn't always work. When you run into problems you will have to try different methods.

How Are Mirrors Made? | Hunker

Did you know that you could make at home a mirror as good, if not better than those sold in the market? The process of how mirrors are made is very simple, and the ingredients or chemicals required can be easily found at any regular chemist shop: pure silver nitrate, 26 percent ammonia water,...

How to Make a Magic Mirror: 6 Steps (with Pictures)

How to Make a Magic Mirror: In this project I will show you how I made a Magic Mirror that shows the date, time, some news and a little phrase at the bottom. You will use a Raspberry Pi, a computer screen and a webpage to make it look like you have "a smart mirror".Everythin...

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